• Give Glory to the Lord Jesus Christ!
  • The Greatest Miracle the World Has Ever Seen!
  • Eternal Destiny to Chance?
  • "For the Wages of Sin is Death..."
  • "God So Loved the World..."
  • There's No Time Like Now!
Welcome to Got Christianity? Our mission is to guide people of all backgrounds into a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. We want people to come to know the loving and saving Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Welcome Got Christianity?

Welcome to Got Christianity? We are passionate about the Lord Jesus Christ and how we obtain eternal life through Jesus Christ's work on the Cross, his death, burial, and Resurrection. Explore our site as we provide spiritual food for those who hunger for the Word of God.

About Got Christianity?

Got Christianity is a Christian website that focuses on the conservative and fundamental views of the faith. We focus on the doctrines, beliefs, and essentials of Christianity. You will find a treasure trove of classic articles that edify and build up the body of Christ in a simple, easy to read format.